Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday...with Yellow Canvas Beauty

This is the second of four posts showing some of the process and images I shot for Australian based Canvas Beauty who asked me to create some unique table photographs for them...
I had so many shasta daisies over the Summer that I decided to work on two yellow themes...

As the daisies are bold, I tried to soften them with honeysuckle, ferns, marjoram, fennel and seeds whilst reflecting the yellow centres with the lemons...

As Canvas use loads of natural products I wanted to include at least a few edible and aromatic flowers too...
( although these beautiful hand made wooden boxes used for storing oils smelled amazing anyway! )
As Canvas is based in Australia I found a couple of vintage maps to include in the composition...
( you can see the other one here and here... )

Canvas Beauty pride themselves on their products which are full of wonderful herbal extracts and unique essential oils harnessing natural power as well as a natural healing therapy.
Follow them on Instagram @canvasbeautyau and on Facebook where you can see more of my photos

* this is a sponsored post 


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